The global stage – a personal role

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Rex brought the whole discussion about regulations in the United States and the culture in China, as it is displayed in Macau, into a clearer focus by saying that we all need to step back and look at the issue from the global stage perspective and not get lost in our own defensiveness and insecurities.  I countered by saying I was worried about my own little corner of the world, implying when I felt secure in my corner playing my tiny role, then I could be generous in my actions, beliefs and role on a larger stage, in the meantime I am governed in a large part by my insecurities.

Just a little update on that stage metaphor and a personal point of view; theater owners (live theater, not movies) in Massachusetts are protesting legislation to introduce casinos into the state.  The Massachusetts House of Representatives is the midst of an intense debate on the expansion of gaming; it is a repeat of previous years and previous debates, but the economic situation this year is propelling the odds closer to success and opening up a very real possibility of slot machines and casinos in the Bay state.

The theater owners are opposed because casinos can offer live theater in the form of Broadway shows much cheaper than conventional theaters can offer them, at least casinos in Las Vegas offer those at low prices.  Theaters believe that level of competition would kill live theater in Massachusetts.  Now it gets difficult for me, knowing which side of my bread has butter, or to keep the original metaphor,  which side of the stage has the exit; would casinos in Massachusetts destroy live theater?  Casino gambling has not destroyed it in most places – Vegas is the one jurisdiction to make live theater at all successful in a casino, and after all, would Vegas even exist much less have live theater without casinos?  But if casinos were to destroy live theater, where would my family find a stage in Massachusetts?


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