Primetime for Daytime Emmys and Vegas

Illusionist David Copperfield, right, greets show host Regis Philbin during the start of the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards at the Las Vegas Hilton on June 27, 2010.

Las Vegas may be suffering from tough economic times; Las Vegas may have the highest unemployment rate and the most housing foreclosures in the country, but Las Vegas has something else too.   Las Vegas has star power.

As the World Series of Poker plays itself into the final round with what is termed the All-Star game with former bracelet winners competing against each other, television’s National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences held its 37th annual daytime television awards ceremony at the Las Vegas Hilton over the weekend.  According to Doug Elfman of the Las Vegas Review-Journal it was a two-hour celebration of Las Vegas as producers and award winners alike mention Las Vegas and cut-ways showed the Strip, the Hilton and highlighted the attractions of Vegas.

Very few cities have star-power; New York, Los Angeles and maybe Chicago have the kind of power the steals the show grabbing attention whenever an event takes place within their territory.  They are very large cities, centers of business and industry and home to storied franchises – think NBA championships and the Lakers. By comparison Las Vegas is tiny, lacks any business or industry outside of the casinos and is shunned by major professional sports leagues.  Still it stands with the Big Apple and LA in its appeal to the camera’s eye and the writers pen; and while the city is struggling with the economy events like this will help it recover as millions of television views got their appetites whetted with some sexy shots of the Strip.  That makes Las Vegas unique among gaming destinations in the United States.


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