So did he leave the buidling or not?

Elvis Presely

Atlantic City is not the only place stuck in time, living with a “boardwalk-frame-of-mind.”  To some extent we all live with yesterday in our head as we struggle with today.  Whatever changes in the economy, technology or our personal life that happened to us over night –  since that yesterday around which we build our plans and decisions for tomorrow – we have not had enough time or experience to adjust our thinking, so we are still going around with a yesterday-state-of-mind.

We are already several years into the “Great Recession”  and yet we are just barely passed expecting it all to go away like a nightmare and the economy of 2006 to magically appear before our eyes.  Politicians (certainly in their role as tax collectors), home owners with houses for sale and others are still planning for the “recover” as if 2006 is coming back; they have to, they structured everything around that economy and have yet to find a new path through the maze.  That is the trick, finding a new way, a new paradigm switch a new business model suited to 2010, 2011 and beyond.  But by then of course things will be on their way to something new and we still be behind the curve; except that rare being, the early adapter that always seems to “get it.”   For the rest of the species, it seems to just be the human condition, we have only yesterday to use as a model, but tomorrow will not be like yesterday.  It is frustrating.

In Las Vegas yesterday and tomorrow bumped up against each other in a very visual and amusing way.  A group of Elvis Presley fans were celebrating the 33rd anniversary of the death of “the King of Rock n’ Roll” when a group of fans following Lady Gaga passed between them and a wax statue of Elvis to which they were, if not praying, at least speaking in awe and worship-like tones; one of the Elvis fans complained, a Gaga fan question the activity and was told the purpose of the gathering.  The Gaga fan laughed and said – “Dude, the old guy is dead get over it!”  Lady Gaga may or may not be a future we have to learn to understand to plan our own journey, but she is not dead.  It is frustrating, the King is dead and we can’t who is going to be king or queen; but in the meantime, Gaga is in the way as we celebrate our past and try to ignore the ever-changing present.


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