Steve is changing Vegas again – or is something else at work?

Sperm penetrating an ovum during fertilization.

Everywhere one looks at the earth there is evidence of the forces of nature making changing in the surface of the planet; and those changes force further changes in the flora and fauna – it is all part of the great process of change and adaptation that we can evolution .  On the Strip in Las Vegas there is one more force of nature that to most outside observers is every bit as powerful as any of those – Steve Wynn; every time Wynn has introduced a new casino he has also introduced concepts that did not exist on the Strip before – and every time Steve Wynn introduces a new concept the other casinos spend the next few years changing and adapting to catching up with Wynn.

I do think his latest introduction may be an exception; Wynn has ordered all of the restaurants at Wynn and Encore to put vegetarian items on every menu and serve them at all hours.  I have some personal experience in this area as I have been a vegetarian for 35 years.  During that time I too mandated vegetarian items on the menu in casinos where I had any authority.  Personally, I always enjoyed the additions to the menu and my diet, however no one else ever ate any of the vegetarian dishes.  More tellingly, as soon as I was gone from the authority hierarchy of the casino the veggie “junk” came off the menu and was quietly thrown out the back door (you know the location of the garbage cans) – and no one ever complained and demanded a return of them.  There are other vegetarians in the world, but one of characteristics of casinos is the desire of customers for more freedom of the conventions and restrictions of daily life; regardless of the discipline people impose on their own daily lives when they are in casino they want to relax and let it hang out a little. It applies to food, it applies to alcohol, it applies to smoking and it applies to spending money. Monday morning, the hangover and the regrets will come along on schedule, but it is Saturday night – or maybe almost Sunday morning – so “damn the fat, light my cigarette and deal the cards I am going to party!”

So why would Wynn thing he needs veggie food in Vegas? Well for certain he has a very sophisticated upscale clientele and they may be more likely than the blue collar people we had at the Comstock Hotel in Reno, Nevada in 1980-something to want healthier food – they may even be demanding it.  But that is not my guess – my guess is Darwinian.  As Charles pointed out to us in 1859, natural selection and adaptation is a sexual process.  The superior – better adapted – of the species mate with others equally suited to produce a better adapted offspring and thus assure a continual of the species through a “fitter” genetic line.  Steven Wynn was divorced recently and has a new and much younger companion these days.  It is just a guess and reflects my jaded gender biased thinking, but it is my guess it is: the vegetarian food is a reflection of the process of natural selection and adaption by sexual attraction.  The girl wants vegetarian food.  Just a guess.

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