I tot I taw a purt said the tweeting bird


Tweety Bird in the Friz Freleng design.

The idea of changing conditions like the drought and drenching cycles on Daphne Major forcing the finches and fellow residents of the island to make radical adaptation being analogous to the adaptions businesses are forced to make when economic conditions change drastically appeals to me.  Finding some sense, some way of understanding trends as they unfold and a template for anticipating some of the adaptations is what all analysts want.  Technology is one of those forces – though not as immediate as downpours or downturns – that produces change or adaptations in business, but not one that is quite so easy to find a metaphor for it in Darwin’s bag of tricks.  Still it is something that as a society we are struggling to do – that is to understand the impacts and implications of techonolgy, not just on our daily lives, but on our society, government, education and legal system.

Computers have certainly altered our lives; the internet and social media have moved into our lives in a very big way – facebook has over 300 million users around the world.  Facebook alone, but together with Google and some other online applications is definitely creating new, and as yet poorly understood,  business models.   And more recently wireless technology is making even bigger changes; it is taking everything the computer and the internet have created and making them mobile.  Wherever you go all of the communication and media possibilities walk right along with you.

The cellular phone and wireless internet connections are becoming major change agents; you can talk, tweet and text, send pictures, receive pictures and of course take pictures of events – personal or public – as they unfold.  Just this last week a Vegas limo company announced it would be sending out a limo in response to your text messages, a sports wagering company’s wireless gaming app allows you to walk around a casino in Nevada and make wagers; however the real headline grabbers are the media-stars that send private messages that become public and very embarrasing.

It is becoming very common for email, text messages or cell phone images to be used as evidence in court proceedings – but somehow many people still believes electronic messages are private; a sort of old world intimate conversation aided by a couple of sexy bells and whistles, but still private, safe and secure.  Many media darlings – athletes, movie stars, reality TV personalities and politicians – are using the technology for marketing, keeping their fans updated on everything and anything they are doing. They also have their own insider lists that get the juicier things – you know like buying exciting things, gambling in Vegas or sex with a new boyfriend.

That can prove to be very dangerous – Michael Jordan’s son and his gambling is one example; he may not suffer any legal consequences, but MGM is highly likely to receive a fine because of his text message to a friend.  But the latest is more serious and some criminal implications.

Paris Hilton has had a busy week, first she is arrested (and released) for possession of cocaine after a police spots clouds of marijuana smoke coming from her boyfriend’s car; next she throws the boyfriend under the bus, denying ownership of the cocaine or the purse in which it was found (however, Steve Wynn is taking any testimony or interviewing witness, he simply banned her from his nightclubs); and today technology dealt her a new twist – it seems she bragged about buying the purse to a friend and event sent a picture of the newly acquired and very expensive purse via her handy-dandy cell phone.  One can image a fascinating testimony by the blond heiress as she says to the judge: “it is definitely not my purse and that picture and text message are just lies made up by the district attorney who never liked by father or my grandfather!”  Once that might have worked, not today. Technology is bringing changes, some pretty obvious as we all log onto our computers daily.  However some of the changes are not so obvious as people are going to be forced to rethink personal intimate communication. You would think the girl might have learned when a previous boyfriend took a video of her having sex and sold it on the internet; I wonder if there was an i-phone app for that?

2 Responses to “I tot I taw a purt said the tweeting bird”

  1. 1 Rita P Best September 3, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    No iPhone App as yet…but it’s coming. I can honestly say I have little to no sympathy for Ms Hilton.

    I am interested in how she explains the purse way. Maybe it was just a really good photoshop manipulation. Good thing the photo wasn’t geo-tagged…then every possible image and video footage could/would be included in the inditement. Oh Yea, store footage, street cams, maybe even the store clerks cell phones or her very own facebook fan page. (Lets hope there is nothing there.)

    Ignorance is not an excuse. Sorry Paris, time to own up.

  2. 2 Ken Adams September 4, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    Thinking is not the girl’s long suit, but the geo-tagging further makes my point; we have technology and are learning to adapt our dailies lives to its uses, but we have even begun to understand its implications or unintended consequences. Hell, there are people still arguing whether the invention of the alphabet, printing press and indoor plumbing haven’t destroyed our basic human-ness and deprived us of some fundamental skills and intelligence and of course destroyed our “original and true” culture. That is the debate in my mind, not whether Ms Hilton lies, does drugs or flashes photographers, but whether she or anyone else really understands the full impact of using technologies.

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