Beautiful, but no room for change


Mar del Plata – Le casino

It takes me almost as long to find a picture for the blog as it does to write it; finding the picture that fits my thoughts is not always easy, but it is always interesting and searching for an image does help me think through ideas – I challenge every image’s ability to express an idea and I challenge my ideas validity over and over in the process.  The concept for most of my posts comes from the daily news.  As I compile  stories for the daily I have a running commentary inside my head – not controlled thinking, but an internal critic who always has something to say about the stories, the reporters and the newspapers – or something, he is a very opinionated guy.  Most of commentary just slips away like a dream does when you wake in the morning.  But some of the commentary feels like it is worth sharing; not earth shattering, but worthy of sharing in the spirit of dialogue and debate.

Today however, the idea for this post began with a picture and not the news; it was the picture stimulated the internal critic’s voice.  He said, this is exactly what I have been trying to tell you, any idea, any business, indeed, any community or relationship needs room to grow, evlove and change. In the picture is a casino in Mar del Plata in Argentina, it was built in the 1930s; the building is classic and beautiful; but where the critic’s voice asked is there room for change?  I don’t want to belabor the point, just illustrate it with the picture.

I would like to mention one more aspect of that same idea – room to change, adapt and evolve.  Recently I was talking to someone about cell phones; the person answered the cell phone as soon as it rang and responded to a text message as quickly.  I said and still think, that responding too quickly to electronic prompts sets up expectations that cannot be met over the long-run.  A month, a year or ten years from now will that person still want to be at the beck and call of anyone and everyone with their phone number or email address?  I think not, but the technology is new, exciting and compelling, but unfortunately it is also controlling, dominating and all consuming if you let it.  Life needs room to evolve; living beings need the freedom to be and to adapt as they move through life.  Don’t commit to a building that fills every space and controls every use is my advice.  The building in the picture and the cell phone behavior I described are both equivalent to being over-leveraged – that is so much debt you cannot afford to do anything, but survive and sometimes even that becomes impossible.


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