Heigh Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go

Six of the seven dwarfs walking across a log, while singing “Heigh-Ho.”

Now the votes have been counted, the winners celebrated and the losers’ eulogies delivered it is time to get on with the business of business.  The directors of the Cordish project in Maryland wasted no time in announcing their intent to open a temporary facility with five months and begin the generation of cash while they work out the details, get the financing and build the projected billion-dollar project in Hanover, Maryland.

The Missouri Gaming Commission scheduled a meeting for November 15th to review the candidates for unused license in that state.  The head of the commission said he views the 65 percent majority by which an advisory measure for a casino in Cape Girardeau passed as a clear mandate to speed up the licensing process; the voters have spoken and they want a casino.  That does not mean Cape Girardeau is guaranteed the license there are three locations and three companies vying for one license.

The governor of Massachusetts was re-elected; he used his first new conference to bring up the issue of casino legislation for next year – he put the ball squarely in the legislation’s court. Gov. Deval L Patrick said casinos in Massachusetts depend on the lawmakers efforts. There has been some significant political realignment in Massachusetts and no one has yet to predict how gaming will fare in the new environment.

The Alabama governor-elect, Robert Bentley,  took a somewhat different tack; the first thing he said was gaming was likely a dead issue in Alabama during the next legislative session.  If for no other reason, next year the gaming operators, lobbyists and politicians accused of illegal activities surrounding the promotion of gaming legislation will be taking center stage and no lawmaker is apt to want to be associated with that scandal.  He also announced that he would disband the anti-gambling task force and leave enforcement of the state’s laws up to the new elected attorney general. But he also said he was not necessarily opposed to the bingo-casinos reopening, as long as the operated legally that is; he did not say what was legal in his mind or in the mind of the new attorney general.

In Maine an Indian tribe and a couple of developers are out working the streets trying to get enough signatures to put their proposed project on the next ballot, striking while the iron is hot as it were. Only the gaming measure in Maine passed by the narrowest of margins, so I am not sure the iron is hot.

Of course, nationally (and locally)  we have all be deluged with comments from both the Republican and Democrat parties about their intentions for next two years; I hear them, but I think it is much too soon to believe anything.  First I don’t necessarily believe their words, or think they believe them either and secondly their words have not been tested in the world of real-politics, so we will just have to wait and see what transpires.

In any case it is nice that someone is going back to work, they have spent the last two months doing anything but working.  They were active and are probably tired from all of the long days and intense efforts to find employment, but that is not the work for which they had been elected.  The newly elected cannot be tarnished with that brush yet, so they get a temporary pass while the lame-duckers quack.  That sort of means that no meaningful activity will come from Washington for another couple of months. The rest of us have had to work overtime just to keep even and pay our taxes so they will have money to spend – oh wait, the last congress spent money they did not have, so maybe we could have all taken two months off.  No, we have to pay our own way in life.


1 Response to “Heigh Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go”

  1. 1 Ipin Jamilun November 5, 2010 at 2:47 am

    Can not agree for more. Let’s sing “Heigh-Ho” and just back to our work…(and think about our taxes payment…), huh…?

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