A little delusion – al-Sheen, al-Gaddafi and al-Saudi

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah receives religious scholars, citizens and officials in Riyadh on Sunday.

Up front I have to admit that I do not have television, so my knowledge of some celebrities and their careers in limited to the “pop” news that is AOL and Google; somethings you can’t completely avoid.  The headlines about their escapades jump into the middle of everything I do on the internet.  However, even though I see the names I usually know nothing about them, so the Charlie Sheens, Lindsey Lohans and Snookis of the world are known to me by name, but not much else.  With Charlie it is slightly different, I still don’t know how he became a television star; but the headlines have conveyed that he makes lots of money and behaves very badly.  Given the nature of his reported badness, I have wondered for a while why his audience, whoever they might be, don’t pull a Tahrir Square on him and simply boycott anything he does; that would have forced the sponsors and the television network into dropping his program.  That did not happen and apparently the show continued to be very popular until the network decided he had gone too far, said too much, taken too many drugs and destroyed too many hotel rooms.  Charlie is striking back.  He did an interview that I could watch online, so for the first time I saw the person and heard him speak.  Enchanting, he lives in a world solely of his own construction – the only reality is the one he describes – everything else and everyone else is lying – you go Charlie!

Across the world, Muammar Al-Gaddafi also did an interview – in English – with the BBC; he and Charlie should have done their interviews together, except there is only room for one perfect human within a single frame, so of course they could not be  in a room together.  Like Charlie, al-Gaddafi refused to accept any definitions of reality but his own.  When the interviewer asked about the opposition, the resistance movement and the demonstrators, al-Gaddafi simply said that no one is protesting against him – at least no Libyan, Libyans all love him – I know because he said so.  It is a good thing that Libyans love him, because just a few days ago he said he deserved to die if they did not love him.  In the interview, again like Charlie, Muammar was calm and seemingly rational – that is if you had the sound turned off –  the words were the words of a lunatic living in a world of fantasy; Hannibal Lecter would sound sane by comparison.  Both are al-Sheen and al-Gaddafi are going to fight to the bitter end.   Charlie’s weapons are his brain, his passion and his hate; look out CBS he is coming at you.  Muammar is going to use love and guns to clean out the evil, not the Libyan demonstrators because there are none, but the evil foreigners and terrorists; he is angry at Obama for refusing to support him in his war against terrorism.  Of course neither Charlie or Muammar are lunatics are they?  Just a little confused about the nature of reality – but of course that is how they see the rest of us as being lunatics and misguided, deluded by what we see.

There was one more occurrence of delusion today, the king of Saudi Arabia is home after months in the United States for an operation and medical recovery.  As one would expect delegates of citizens came to kiss his hand, wish him health and long life and express the joy of the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for his most fortunate recovery.  He apologized for refusing to shake their hands; the king said shaking hands  was important to him, but failed to explain why refused; King Abdullah then thanked them for coming, he blessed them and the other citizens of Saudi Arabia, in particular the children and old people.  The king, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah ended by granting full employment status to all temporary government workers, about 200,000 people.  It is a tactic being used by the monarchies in the Middle East – raising wages, giving jobs and other economic stimulus to head-off any potential political unrest.  It may or may not be a successful tactic, but he is about the third to use it in the last month.  The official news source says the workers were overjoyed and gratefully posted on facebook and other social media sites their joy and gratitude to his great benevolence.  The king  too, like Charlie and like Muammar believes he is loved – any opposition to his greatness comes from corrupt and evil outsiders. All three think they are very special – with as Rush says – talents on loan from god.  I only know that it is not my god that gives them their special status.


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