It is still getting worse

Maybe someone can explain this to me; as Gaddafi gains more ground, confidence and total control of the revolt, other countries continue to line up in vocal opposition to Gaddafi; now the Arab League is backing a “no-fly” zone over Libya.  By the time the politicians get their act together of course it will be over, but isn’t that the way of politics?  No one took a stand on Egypt,  or Tunisia, or any of the other countries experiencing unrest – but now after the battle appears to be winding  down with Gaddafi winning they all see Gaddafi as a “bad guy”and want to help take him down – or at least get public credit for their standard.

But Libya is really a back burner issue today in the grand  scheme of things –  yesterday, I blithely spoke of rescues and clean-ups in Japan – but the earthquake and tsunami are not finished with the havoc yet.  A nuclear plant on the verge of a meltdown and a missing town are just two of the unfolding stories of disaster.   Yesterday, the president said he had confidence in the strength of the Japanese economy and the resilience of the Japanese people, he is sure the country will come back stronger than before – his comments are like  mine – the comments of  someone who has  not felt the earth shake under his feet, lost contact with whole sections of his country and has no  idea where his  family may be or whether they are all dead, injured or trapped somewhere with no food and water.  My comments on Libya have to be taken in the same light – the events are simply images on a screen and words on  paper to me, I don’t feel the fear when one hears an incoming round, I don’t have any friends or family lying on  the ground bleeding, my world is safe and secure – I did not feel the earth shake.

The magnitude of the events in Japan make everything else seem pretty trivial, don’t  they.


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