Charlie, The Donald and censorship

Charlie Sheen
This picture provided by the Aspen Police Department on Friday, Dec. 25,2009 shows Charlie Sheen. Sheen has been arrested in Aspen, Colo. oncharges related to an alleged case of domestic violence. Authorities saidSheen was arrested Friday on charges of second-degree assault as well asmenacing, both felonies, and criminal mischief, a misdemeanor. Police saidthe alleged victim didn’t have to be taken to the hospital but didn’tidentify who the victim was. (AP Photo/Aspen Police Department)

The official censorship police swept in on me today, indeed they had also visited me last night.  They say they have detected some serious violations of  the ethics of “unbiased” “objective’ writing in my recent activities. It always annoys me when I see a newspaper, television station or website reporting selectively – that is only telling one side of a story.  Sometimes it just a matter of using the right words or tone of voice, other times it a case of highlighting one aspect of a story and completely ignoring another; of course there are also out and out attempts to deceive my mis-stating some of the facts.  Daily, I sit at my computer, boiling in all of my righteous indignation, condemning the guilty parties for trying to force a corporate, or a personal point of view or political agenda on me – all  the while thinking how superior I am by comparison.  Well, the censorship caught me in the act; the act of doing the same thing, not once but twice.

The first time was yesterday when I attacked Donald Trump, his bad hair and sound bite judgments.  I did not cite any evidence for anything, not the business failures I alluded to, nor for his jumping from venture to venture without ever completing anything and certainly no evidence for his opinions being unsound, knee-jerks and with no real depth of  knowledge of the subject.  The police pointed out that everything I wrote about Trump yesterday was just rant;  rant, in no way different and certainly not superior to the rant of talk radio or television that I frequently disdain and condemn.

The second incident was an almost; I almost failed  to include an important story from Atlantic City in my compilation of significant gaming stories for the day.  I did include stories about a Guinness store in Las Vegas, sports betting habits and patterns during March Madness and a circus in a tent outside of Caesars on the Strip.  There was a  story from Bloomberg News about the trials and tribulations facing the  casinos  in Atlantic City; in fact I always include those stories – do I smell a bias?   But I nearly left out Charlie Sheen’s up-coming visit to the city; he is apt to draw a crowd and make a contribution to the casinos in the city.

Sheen annoys me, he is not a  “bad boy” he is an adult without any of the limits of adulthood, in fact his behavior often borders on criminal; he seems to feel anything he does is okay and he does some pretty “outliner” things.  Still, he manages to be in the news every day – anything he does is covered and his commercial ventures – excepting the television network  which fired him finally over his behavior – all seem to succeed.  I have already posted once about him, suggesting people should just boycott anything with his name attached.  I have been trying to do that,  I don’t read anything written about him and certainly would not buy from a company which sponsored him nor in anyway contribute to his financial well-being.

Now, having said that, I am forced to admit that is a  personal opinion, a private agenda or even a political agenda, if you will,  That means that I am forced to treat any news about him just as I would news about anyone else – for its news value.  The police made all of that very, very clear to me; they visited me last night at home to discuss my poorly written rant about Trump and came again today over Sheen.  I stand humbly before you chastised and admitting my guilt – I promise to try to be more thoughtful and objective in the future.


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