To the blogger who borrowed my blog – thank you

Blogging is a bit different than any writing I have ever done before; in a way writing a blog resembles keeping a journal. I spent the best part of 30 years keeping a journal, and for the core 20 years in the middle of my journal era, I made entries regularly, rarely missing a day.  The entries were common place at best, recording the weather, some times the name of a book I was reading, something about running or other exercise and once in a while touching on some subject that was personal – but not often and never with much insight.  It was too self-conscious and contrived – partially because of my audience – I was writing for a phantom audience, I did not know when, if ever, or who, if anyone would ever read my journals.

Writing a blog is different in a couple of ways; first, I find inspiration in the major events in business, politics or  the world at large and not in the routine of my daily life.  Reading and listening to the news every day, like everyone else, I react to the events and the reporting.  Writing the blog gives me a chance to articulate some of the my thoughts, but it also forces me to think through the issues and articulate my thoughts more carefully. And that is the second big difference; unlike my journal where I did not even know who I was writing for, the blog is written for its readers.  Admittedly, I don’t really know who they are, except some relatives and close friends, but I know there are people that read it.  The site provides me with two feedback mechanisms, comments and a stats page.

I don’t get as many comments as I would like, but according to the stats, over the last year the number of readers has been increasing.  Today, I got a kind of double feedback on the piece I wrote about Donald Trump running for president: A Bad Hair is one thing, but a bad hair president? The person that commented said it was interesting, interesting enough that another blogger had picked it up and pasted into his blog as his own and used it on a separate site as part of a discussion group.  The person making the comment was pretty sure it was a cut and paste from my blog because of spelling error – anther, for another – that appeared in both – plus of course word for word comparison.

Now I might be annoyed over this borrowing of my words without giving me any credit, but I am not.  I am pleased that it appealed to him enough to use it, not once but twice; I only wish I had found his picture so I could look at it once in a while when I writing and so I could visualize an audience.  Blogging for me is very personal, after all I am writing about my reactions and feelings to the news of the world and not reporting on the events themselves.  I do it hoping that my perspective helps someone else think about the event or issue; and I do it to help me think about the event or issue.  That is what I beleive is often missing from the national or international coverage and debate of major issues and events – serious thought and dialogue.  To those of you who might read this, I hope I have helped you think about issues. I know you have helped me think about issues seriously, in depth and to be careful in articulating my thoughts.  Thank you very much ken.



2 Responses to “To the blogger who borrowed my blog – thank you”

  1. 1 Jabittan April 23, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    I must admit, I did do the whole copy paste thing with one of your blog posts. My English class at UNR has a technology theme, so we have been looking at everything from the ways technology is changing our ideas of what it means to be literate, to why so many young people get their news from sources like The Daily Show with John Stewart. One of your posts, I believe it was The Difference Between Technology and Religion, fit perfectly with one of our readings, and I uploaded it to our classes blog. We are required to post to this blog for participation points in class, and I liked the perspective you offered. I don’t know if any of the other students actually read the post, I’ll admit I don’t read any of the other posts on that blog, or even if my instructor read it. I do think that I cited you or at least mentioned that I took it from another blog. I will be sure to double check just so everyone knows where I am stealing my ideas from.

  2. 2 Ken Adams April 24, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    Joe – we all “steal” our ideas, very few people in the history of human civilization on the planet have had a new idea. I certainly did not have one in that blog post or any other, I take what is happening and react to it. The thank you stands, just knowing that you are out there forces me to think and write better; I only hope it did the same for you. Thanks again for reading the blog and thanks for commenting. ken

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