Happy Mother’s Day from a motherless child

Nothing more to say

My mother died in 2005 and my ex-wife in 2007; that leaves me without anyone to sent flowers to, visit today or take out to dinner tonight – you know, alone.  And it means that the rest of you are probably busy with your mothers or the mothers of your children, or if you are mother with your children.  So while you don’t have time to look for yourselves, I took the opportunity in my holiday solitude to look around the world and see what what happening for you.

A horse from nowhere won the Derby, while 164,800 people watched at the track – those at the track and the other bettors wagered $165 million dollars. The winner was a 20-1 bet, I suspect that you did not have a wager on Animal Kingdom either, with odds like that no one had a bet on the poor neglected thing; he will be expected to win every race he enters for the next year, however.  In Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao won his fight easily in front of 16,000 fans and somewhere in the number of a million people paid to watch the fight on pay-for-view TV – no word yet about the wagering in Vegas; the real wagering numbers will never be published because of the majority of the wagering was on online gambling sites and not is sports books in Vegas. No one expected Manny to lose, so if you did get a bet down, you do not stand to collect very much when you get to the pay window.

A couple of quick updates from Iran; Iran’s intelligence minister says the bin Laden has been dead for a long time; the proof lies in the lack of a body or other “proof” of death.  Israel and Saudi Arabia are forming a partnership to fight Iran, Shiites and to control the Middle East and further the agenda of the Zionist, Saudi Sunni royalist (also called Wahhabis) and of course, American capitalists.   Two separate stories on Israel attacking Iran took opposite views; one sited a former Mosad leader saying such an attack  would be foolish and lead to the demise of Israel, the other claims Israel is actively pursuing a plan of action.  Several news sources in Iran did mention the power struggle; one said the president has offered to resign if the Ayatollah requests it – as “a son would obey a father.”  But they don’t seem to be talking, maybe they will on Father’s Day.

The rest of Middle East looks pretty much as it looked yesterday, except violence errupted again in Egypt.  This time between Christians and Islamic fundamentalists – Salafis – who are said to becoming more active and visible in Egyptian politics. It is said they attack a Copt church to release a Christian woman who wishes to convert to Islam, but imprisoned to prevent her joining her husband’s religion.  And for the conspiracy theorist, the Salafi are said to be backed by Saudi Arabia.  Increasingly it is getting easier and easier to understand the underlying forces of unrest – they are, depending on who you are, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran (that can and sometimes is expanded to include Hamas and Hezbollah) and of course western powers which include the U. S. and England and military and intelligence services of each.  Back to Egypt, the army says it will respond with an iron fist and not allow radicals to derail the peace.  Sounds like everyone could have used a good buffet for Mother’s Day.


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