Trump is out, thank god I am trumped out

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Life is full of little coincidences; there may not be any inherent meaning in two or more things happening at approximately the same time, but it is easy to assign meaning.  Some people put a spiritual meaning, conspiracy theorist use coincidence frequently as proof of a factual connection and comedians and satirist can find much humor in coincidence.  If I was asked to choose a category that suited me, the group looking for humor would fit me best; I can’t find much spirituality or romance in coincidence and conspiracy doesn’t work for me most of the time.  Although I will admit the assignation of JFK can get me going down the road more than any other event, including hanging chads and forged birth certificates.

Today we were treated two to totally unrelated events, the only connection was in the coincidence of the timing and of course in the name; but, what after, all, is in a name?  In Atlantic City, in preparation for the takeover by the Golden Nugget  of the Marina casino part of the old name was removed – the Trump part.  On the same day, a non-candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination for the presidency of the United States removed the Trump part from the list of possible candidates.  Now for the sanity of the country and the safety of the world, it is a good thing; for late night comics and witty newspaper columnist it is a bad thing.  A Trump running for the presidency would have been good for some great opening monologues on late night television.  Taking the Trump name from the list of casinos in Atlantic City – two still bear it – would make the casino industry in the city much healthier and would not deprive comics of much material.   As to his television career, he can’t force anybody to watch him, can he?  I hope not, I am trumped out and will not miss hearing his take on every event in the world or in business.


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