Arnie is out, and he outed us on his way out the door

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Our capitalistic economy does not always play to what is best in our nature; in fact it usually does the opposite.  The products, entertainment and personalities that get to the absolute top, the most successful and profitable,  are rarely the best of their kind; instead they are most likely the ones that appeal to the greatest number of people – that is the lowest common denominator.

You find that statement offensive, but look at your AOL news page, or Google or any other search engine content provider you look at regularly and see what they give you.   News? Hardly, instead they give you (us) cheesy gossip, sleazy stories, titillating teasers and the most base news to get you to click on a link – which means trying to lead you to buy something, not learn something.   Like the National Enquirer, they specialize in the private behavior of people whose names we know – names they have taught us to know.  They tease us with chances to see movie stars, singers, athletes and politicians skimpily clad; they tease us with a chance to see into the heart of that same group of people to see their fears, indiscretions and crimes; they tease us with terrible diseases of common people just like us – using our fears and lusts to get us to click-the-link.  The purpose is always the same, to sell us something.

That is bad enough, but worse, it makes heroes out of those people, people who are simply entertainers – and that category includes athletes, politicians and the 15-minute of famers.    We then defer to their opinions on a whole range of things from health to business and from war to taxes; subjects about which they frequently know nothing.  Their media created popularity gives them fame and riches, but it also helps them get other opportunities – you know like being elected governor of California.  What exactly were the qualifications of the muscly guy from Austria for the job of chief executive of the most populous state in the Union – the sixth largest economy in the world?  He was elected to replace a recalled governor – Gray Davis – to fix the state, fix its economy and image.  He played his part well in public, looking and acting like an important leader of people – but did he, behind the scenes lead California to better future.  The latest governor, Jerry Moonbeam Brown does not seem to think so; Brown sees his job is, to fix the state, fix its economy and image.

So what did Arnie do?  I am not the one to answer that, the people of California are the only ones that can answer it.  In light of the last couple of weeks it would seem, in reality and away from the camera’s and his wife, he was the same guy he always was behind the camera and away from the public eye – he groped and fondled women, sometimes with their approval and sometime without it.  We can’ t fault him for his character flaws, he is who he is; even Ms Shriver appears to have been taken in by the muscle and macho posture and missed a few tell-tale clews.

Schwarzenegger was asked once how to get ahead in politics, Arnold answered; “Marry a Kennedy.” Whatever else Arnold was, he was never stupid.  Mr. Schwarzenegger was certainly good at managing his own career –  and not a bad actor who acted in not good movies – but what else would have lead anyone to vote for him?  Be thankful, he might have become president if he had been born in the United States; there was a time when he was the perfect Republican candidate and very popular.  So, like the Donald, we may have dodged another bullet aimed straight at our hearts by our own basest desires.

We live in a times when the government is dangerously large and expensive; where it peeks into our lives via the Internet and our credit ratings; where each year new laws are passed to limit our choices,  in our own best interests we are told.  However, I don’t think Big Brother and the big government are the real threats to our liberty and individually.  I think we are our own threat, too often we are guilty of chasing pretty people and popular things mindlessly – kind of like Arnie and skirts.


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