Naked leaders point to a naked truth – a weiner is a wiener

Silenced ... France has banned the words Twitter and Facebook on radio and television.Silenced … France has banned the words Twitter and Facebook on radio and television. Photo: Adam Davidson

Technology is not my strong suit; there are several reasons for my “challenged state.”  First of course, I am old and was already in the old -dog-learns-no-new-tricks category when the most prominent of today’s technology hit the market.  Also, I have have a natural inclination to try and understand things intellectually, but none whatsoever to get my hands dirty with the physical details – that applies to  plumbing, cars and all of the more modern stuff from radios and television to cell phones and computers.

The combination can lead to some problems – you know when you are on a long trip, in the middle of a very dark and cold night, in a snow storm in the mountains and your car stops running; some get out their cell phone and call Triple A and some just lift the hood of the car and fix things.  Well, with no cell phone and nary a tool to be found there is no point in lifting the hood – and that of course ignores that if I did have tools opening the hood would produce no result other than dirty hands.  A person might freeze before help arrived.  There are other many challenges, but I always have the phone numbers of people who fix plumbing, tow cars and wave magic wands over my computers to make them work (thank you very much Shu) and save me from total ruin.

However, there are also problems that I do not have because of my handicap; I don’t get tickets from the police in California – and soon in Nevada – for driving while talking on my cell phone; I am never guilty of illegally downloading songs or movies onto my mobile electronic device and I will never be caught sending naked pictures of myself to young women I have never met in California, Texas and Florida.  How could that ever happen to anyone? One would think that by 2011 everyone has seen enough stories about husbands, politicians and athletes being caught in indiscretions after they emailed, posted on Facebook or texted something really inappropriate to a girl friend or a stranger.

The worse part for the rest of us who are not making dirty talk to strangers, sending nude photos to causal acquaintances or having sex with our maids is those people are in positions to make important decisions that affect our lives.  Okay, except the athletes, the worse Brett Favre could do would be to lose a football game and as he never played for the San Fransisco 49ers I was protected from him.  However, politicians and business leaders are in a different position.

While Arnie was chasing the maid around the bed, although it would appear she did not run far, he was also determining the fate of millions of Californians. Probably the most classic image that many of us have burned into our political memories is of Billary Clinton, President of the United States, talking on the telephone to important international leaders while Monica crawled around under his desk in the Oval Office.  But even this latest erect penis without a brain, while not a president or governor is still in position to make the laws the govern the behavior of the rest of citizens in the country. He may be thrown out of Congress, but since 1999 he has been helping to make the laws that the rest of us must follow.  He can’t even govern himself, how could he be part of the government that governs us?

I am going to be paying more attention in the future to the private lives of politicians and I would advice you to do the same the next time you vote.  There seems to be no shortage of Schwarzeneggers, Ensigns, Edwardses, Clintons and, of course, weiners wanting to show us the way while they are showing any woman who will look something else behind the scenes. In their nakedness they show us a naked truth, power and public attention can be very corrupting.  After it is over, each admits to having been seduced by their positions and power into believing they were above the rules that apply those for whom they make the rules.  Keep your wiener in your pocket please!


2 Responses to “Naked leaders point to a naked truth – a weiner is a wiener”

  1. 1 Duncan June 7, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    I promised that I would never send my girlfriend pictures of my Anthony. Unfortunately, she never follows the news so she didn’t know what I was talking about.

  2. 2 Ken Adams June 7, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    Be careful – more and more people are getting an anthony caught in a cell phone – I don’t know the mechanics of the thing, but from reading the news it is very painful.

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