Googling for dollars

Google+ blocked in China

Great Firewall of China shows that Google+ is blocked in China

The media would have us believe a battle to death is beginning in social media; Google and Facebook are set to duke it out. Google + is Google’s answer to Facebook – with its half a billion users, Facebook is difficult to ignore; and the the advertisers that Google would like are not ignoring Facebook.  This week it launched its own site – Google +; Facebook is promising an “awesome” announcement next week, if not in response the coincidence is pretty striking.    Google is apparently off to a good strong start,  today it closed its site down because of the “insane demand.”  Insane demand was not a thing Google had to worry about in China, there was no demand – the Chinese blocked it.  Is a social networking site a basic human right and is China therefore, once again, an affront to our humanity?  Regardless, Google is in good company in China, the Great Firewall of China also keeps Facebook and Twitter on the outside unable to reach those 1.3 billion Chinese who might be friending, twittering and more importantly buying – now there is a basic human right – the right to buy.

The story of the Facebook wars is just getting cranked up; but as Myspace can testify, being number one today is no guarantee that you will be number one tomorrow.   In 2005 Myspace was at the tops of its game and sold for $580 million, this week it sold again, this time for $35 million; in those 6 years Facebook has been eating Myspace’s lunch.  In the big picture, the outcome of the wars probably does not matter to anyone but the stockholders of companies involved – the rest of us will adjust.  Adjust is what we do,  just as we did in VHS and Beta war; oh yes, I was an early adapter and bought Betamax.  The world of technological development reserves the right to change its mind and direction any time it sees fit or sees profit – we follow along.  Except we really drive the process with our dollars – that is really what makes any product or business succeed – our dollars.  Google will succeed if it seduces us into spending our dollars and will fail if it does not – in the meantime, Google + is too busy to let you or I try it on for size; and I hear Facebook calling me.

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