Who is fighting the good fight – the right fight?

EU Declares Fight Against Right-Wing Extremism








EU Commissioner for Home Affairs wants to fight right-wing extremism

Even though Norway has slipped from the lead story to some place much further down the line, it is a story with legs.  Fear has a way of remaining with us long after all other emotion have gone – and irrational acts of violence cause fear.  In many places people are wondering; “Could it happen here?”  Who knows, there are certainly enough radical fringe groups that preach hate to make it possible.  In the United States, we have had our own version of the Templar of Norway in Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski, although their causes might have been different, their thought processes were the same.  And there is no shortage of organizations, such as the neo-nazi skinheads and others with different stripes and colors, but with comparable beliefs, that have the rhetoric it takes to create one, it only takes one, over-the-edge and ready-to-kill killer.

You never know where you will find them; Mario Borghezio is an Italian member of the European Parliament, not a likely place to look one might think.  But he is an avid anti-Islamist and Europe for Europeans advocate and does not shy away from extreme rhetoric when preaching his cause.  When interviewed by the BBC about the incident in Norway, he said the boy got it right, most of it anyway, he was right on; Mario was himself convicted of setting fire to the belongings and surroundings of homeless people sleeping under a bridge in Italy in 2005.  He knows whereof he speaks (he only got a couple of months sentence and a light fine, no one was killed or injured, much to his chagrin).  England has its variety of the right-its-our-country party too; the leader did not go so far as to condone the violence in Norway, but he did rationalize it:

Stephen Lennon, leader of the English Defense League, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he does not condone Mr. Breivik’s rampage but “the fact that so many people are scared – people have to listen to that.” “What happened in Oslo shows how desperate some people are becoming in Europe,” said Mr. Lennon, 28. “It’s a ticking time bomb. If they don’t give that frustration and anger a platform as such and a voice – and a way of getting emotion out in a democratic way – it will create monsters like this lunatic.”Associated Press, Al-Arabiya, 7-28-11

More will speak up on the Norwiegan’s behave, but will probably wait until such time as they feel safe in saying what they feel. And they have good reason, the European Union has promised to address the issue; one might ask what issue?  Their answer is far-right extremism, an area they may want to tread lightly as many of the member states have passed measures limiting Islamic expression founded in some of the same fear, anger and bigotry that surfaced in Norway.  Do you know why that unnamed killer (I refuse to dignify him with a name) titled his manifesto 2083?  That date will mark the 400th anniversary of the defeat of Ottoman Turkish Empire in Vienna by the Holy League in 1683; without that defeat, the Ottoman Empire might have ruled all of Europe today.  Today’s version of the Holy League wants to stop the Islamic empire from conquering all of Europe now as it failed to do then.   The Templar might not have been a member of a cell or an organization, but he is part of a larger group of believers that fear Islam in Europe.  What measures will the EU take, in the spirit of the First World War, to make Europe safe for democracy?  Democracy itself is sure to lose in this battle.

Eager investigators have also discovered the Google connection; no, Google is not part of plot, but it was one of the tools of the bombing.  The righteous crusader googled various bombing supplies over 800 times, looking for materials and the methods that constituted his eruption of madness.  The equally righteous investigators want to know why his search did not trigger something, some legal action, some protection, some arrest.   This is where it starts to get really scary – in looking for simplistic causes and solutions, Google is the perfect target.  A simple solution to the problem of bombers, terrorists and other mass murderers would be to track anyone who googled anything about bombs, bomb making or bombings; to track anyone who googled anything radical (right or left) things and arrest them; and track anyone who googled anything we thought (and you know that “we” know what is right and wrong better than “they” do) was wrong and arrest them.  And then if we executed all of those wrong thinkers and evil doers, wouldn’t the world be safer for you and I?

It would be better if the horrible, senseless killings had stayed on the front page and remained the most important story of the day.  That way our attention might have stayed with the sadness and the mourning, instead of wandering off to the back pages and degenerating into more righteousness and hate.  Nothing good comes of something this terrible, nothing.

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