A bit of feel-good in the midst of a feel-bad farce

Gabrielle Giffords House Vote Debt Plan


Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., appears on the floor of the House for a vote on the plan to raise the federal debt limit.

After all of the huffing and puffing, the Congress of the United States appears to have found a compromise on the debt ceiling.  It is a good thing too, the rest of the world was getting nervous, including the Chinese.  The Chinese People’s Daily published an editorial recommending to Congress to take action and avoid default, and as the Chinese hold a great deal of the debt they do have an interest in the outcome.  The head of the International Money Fund also thinks it is time to move passed this issue.  It is not a subject that I understand, but it is one that has convinced me to change my opinion on two basic political issues.

In the past, I have always voted for a candidate put forward by one of the two major parties, even if I though an independent or a third party candidate was better qualified.  My reasoning was simple, I did not think any of those other party candidates had a chance to be elected and therefore my vote would be wasted.  I no longer believe that, in fact, now I think anyone who has been annoyed, disgusted or simply bored by the Washington political comedy should consider voting for the “others” in the future.  In the first place, if we do not start to vote for some one other than republicans and democrats, those two parties will simply become more arrogant – not less; secondly, unless we vote for the others, no third party can ever can enough of a base of support to be viable; and finally, the others if they did get elected would be much less likely to be reelected and therefore become a career politicians – you know the people that brought us this fiasco.

The other issue I am rethinking is career or professional politicians.  For all of my adult and voting life, I have thought having experienced lawmakers made sense.  They get the most important committee assignments and know the issues, the know the procedures and the know the system of negotiation and compromise.   Now, it appears to me the system itself is a major problem, if not the problem and voting for independents and third party candidates would not be a wasted vote, but a vote of integrity – voting for the right person regardless of part affiliation and it would help break the lock on power by career politicians.

One good thing may have come of this,  Representative Gabrielle Giffords made an appearance and cast her vote.  For once, the bad guy did not win; a mad-man in January shot and killed 6 people and wounded 14 people more including Representative Giffords hoping to kill opposing thought – he failed.  Regardless of how she voted today, she cast a vote for the good guys and one against evil.  We should all stand and applaud her.


1 Response to “A bit of feel-good in the midst of a feel-bad farce”

  1. 1 lynne rosner August 1, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    You should vote for the people who you contribute money to get elected. You should get solicited to contribute money because casino gaming has influenced your livelihood and those people should seek people like you out to keep them in office to influence legislation that will benefit your livelihood. In certain markets people who solicit alleigance do it nefariously and are called loan sharks and bag men, I think. Often people attribute this to organized crime too.
    We in New York like to redistrict and gerrymander on certain issues like the war and oil and money.
    Lynne 🙂

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