Peddling a Bierbike around town – a trimuph of capitalism

A Bierbike in Mannheim.


A Bierbike in Mannheim.

A capitalist economy can be a very creative and imaginative system; other systems produce for the most part what the leaders what produced – as in Communist Russian – the system produced what the leadership wanted the comrade citizens to want.  For most of the history of capitalism, capital was used to finance the production of the the products necessary for human subsistence, luxuries for the wealthy and the needs of the military.  But with the rise in income of the average person,  individuals have had more than enough money for the basics.  A citizen is now called a consumer and  they have a “disposable income” – you know, money you can just throw away on stuff and still have enough left over to buy food, shelter and clothing.  That money, the disposable bit, is really the driver of the economy and not just here, but in all of the developed world.  The hunger for a piece of that pie has probably stimulated more creativity than any other force in history.  Every day hundreds, if not thousands, of people sit around trying to thing up new products and services to sell to you and I.  Some of the ideas are truly amazing and others just amusing, but most have no real purpose in creating or maintaining human life.  How many products and services do you use that have no real purpose except to amuse you and help someone help you spend that extra cash?

Whenever I think I have seen the ultimate in such things, like the pet rock or a cabbage patch doll, something else comes along to top it.  Der Spiegel has an article about one of those in today’s edition – a truly revolutionary idea – in a country of beer drinkers a new way to sell beer and a new place to drink it.  Have you ever hear of a bierbikes?  It is a bicycle built for selling beer to beer drinkers, with a twist, they have to peddle the bike – 16 beer drinking Germans peddling and drinking together.   The cyclist hops aboard, gets his beer and joins his companions drinking beer and peddling.  The enterprise furnishes a sober server and steer-er – who also operates the brakes.  Can’t trust a drunken cyclist to know when to break’em now can you?  These pubs on wheels are are not little delicate affairs, they are 16 feet long and when fully loaded weigh up to two tons.

Thirty-six (36) cities in Germany have bierbikes riding around town, singing, drinking and disrupting traffic.  If we had them in Nevada we could put video slots on them too – what a deal!

Peddle boys, peddle, drink up and keep peddling or we are going to miss the next light.


1 Response to “Peddling a Bierbike around town – a trimuph of capitalism”

  1. 1 Duncan Winn September 8, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    Quick! Get this thing to a bathroom!

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