In the new economy maybe I could be a tour guide – – for Chinese tourists

Celebrating China's 62nd birthday

Two girls wave Chinese national flags to celebrate the 62nd birthday of China on Sept. 30th.  This year is also the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. [Photo/CFP]

As always, I am on the look out for signs of an economic recovery, the signs are hard to find, but not their converse.  For example, The latest real estate figures indicate that in the last quarter fewer houses were sold than in anytime since 1963 – even at time when mortgage rates are at all time lows.  The article in the Reno Gazette-Journal on the report, quoted one source as saying that she did not see any significant change in the real estate market until 2015.  Little bits of unpleasant data like that literately litter the pages of our daily newspapers, although most of it is not as grim as the housing numbers.

Personally, I have found, or rather seen, some good news  just by walking around and looking at the new small businesses that have popped up in my neighborhood. [What do you see in the economic future of Reno?] And since that post I have found a few more.  And even the media is reporting is some positive economic activity, unemployment is dropping, but slowly, sales tax revenue is up, but marginally – the news is not all bad, even though it is not great.  Nothing to write home about as they say – but equally the call of doom is not so loud in our ears as it was awhile back.

Today, however, I have some good news and it comes from China.  China is celebrating National Day – the 62nd birthday of the modern state.  And like politicians around the world, Chinese leaders use such opportunities to make important policies speeches. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on this glorious occasion sees a bright, prosperous and democratic future for the people of  China.

“We will tighten supervision over workplace safety and food and drug safety, improve the social security system, protect the environment and ensure that people live happy and secure lives with greater dignity,” he said. Wen vowed to address unfair income distribution and the income gap to ensure prosperity for all. He also pledged to protect people’s democratic rights, uphold judicial justice, resolutely fight corruption and properly address societal problems. China Daily, 10-1-11

China means to put individual lives and prosperity on the top of its priority list, it also means to put more emphasis on importing foreign goods and of course we cannot forget that China just launched a space station – and although not center stage in the celebrations are great deal of new military hardware; all of that combined is a lot of economic activity.  Why is that good news for us?  These more prosperous and free Chinese citizens are going to be buying lots of stuff – some of it we may make and under a more aggressive import polices it will be easier and cheaper to compete for the Chinese discretionary dollar. They are also going to travel more – and you can probably guess which country is number one on their wish-list.

For a hundred years the world economy has hung on the American economy, the American dollar and the American consumer. Now however, we are struggling and the Chinese are willing to pick up part of load – that should be good economic news – right?  I may not make it to China myself given my diminished prospects for riches in this second decade of the 21st century; but maybe I could train to be a tour guide for Chinese tourist wishing to see the graves of ancestors in Virginia City, Dayton, Carson City or Reno – yep we all used to have a Chinese cemetery.


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