Just a bit too liberal for my taste

Scene of horror: The L.A. home of Sharon Tate where she and a friend, hair stylist Jay Sebring, were found slain

Scene of horror: The L.A. home of Sharon Tate where she and a friend, hair stylist Jay Sebring, were found slain. Daily Mail, 11-17-11

National Public Radio did a short news bit today on the parole hearing of Charles “Tex” Watson, self-described right hand man of Charles Manson.  Watson was up for parole, but failed to make an argument convincing enough for the parole board; one member said he knew Watson felt regret, regret for being in prison for 40 years, but not for the murders.  The story included a simple sentence: “Watson married and divorced in prison and has four children from conjugal visits.”  What?  He had enough sex, outside with his prison inmates (his buddy Manson is said to have been a sex slave for a leader of the Aryan Nation for some time during his 40 years of incineration), to father four kids? Tell me you are kidding.

Now, I am not one think that prison should be inhumane, or add torture to punishment; we put people in jail as a deterrent to keep others from committing crimes, as a way to protect society from the criminal and, in theory, as a way to rehabilitate criminals; the aim is to return them to society as productive members of the society posing no further threat.  Old Tex has had 16 hearing to-date and always been found unfit to return to society, so the rehabilitation thing is not working; but the protecting society from criminals thing is working.  I don’t know whether his sentence will keep anyone else from committing that kind of horrific crime or not, but when the news gets out the he gets more sex on the inside than outside, without having to work or do anything to support the children – that lifestyle might just appeal to some.  In fact, it said about Charles Manson that a life in prison is exactly what he wanted.

Juan Flynn, a Spahn Ranch worker who had become associated with Manson and the Family, said: “Charles Manson got away with everything. People will say, ‘He’s in jail.’ But Charlie is exactly where he wants to be.” Wikepedia

Isn’t enough that they are feed, have health care and kind of protected from harm, should they be given women and sex too?  They – Charlie and his gang – committed horrible, horrible murders – they had no respect or regard for human life or the rights of others, why should society care so much about their emotional well-being as to provide access to women, marriage and beds?

At the time, many people were sympathetic to the Manson family and their “cause” – the supporter saw the evil, not in the Mansons, but in society.  Kind of like in the musical Chicago when Roxie’s attorney puts the blame on Jazz and liquor.

[Mary Sunshine] As you know, my paper is dry. Do you have any advice for young girls, speaking to avoid the life of Jazz and drink?  [Billy Flynn] Absolutely yes. Mrs. Hart feels that it was the tragic combination of liquor and Jazz, which lead to the downfall.

 [Billy Flynn and Mary Sunshine] Understandable, understandable; Yes, it’s perfectly understandable; Comprehensible, comprehensible; Not a bit reprehensible; It’s so defensible!

But it is not comprehensible or defensible – it is abhorrent. The Manson family committed evil crimes – mercy and kindness don’t fit the crime. Sorry guys, but the best you can hope from me is this: I hope you have very long, slow and painful deaths – you know kind of like a pregnant woman who begs to save her unborn baby as you stab her again and again.


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