Oh, Please Joe give me one more chance

Seif al-Islam Qaddafi appears in a new video posted on Facebook by The Zintan Media Centre.

Seif al-Islam Qaddafi appears in a new video posted on Facebook by The Zintan Media Centre. Al Arabiya, 11-20-11

Not everyone is interested in the events in the Middle East, regardless of how fascinating I find them.  In fact, one of my formerly loyal readers told me he no longer reads my blog, except on rare occasions.  He said he would never understand the Middle East, which of course no one does and blogs about it bore him.

How, can Joe or anyone else resist the resignation of yet another government in Egypt over the violent crackdown on demonstrators in Tahrir Square, the second in 10 months after just three days of fighting in the streets of Cairo?  Or the Assad government’s determination to stand alone (with China and Russia in the shadows for moral support) against not only Europe and the United States, but Iran, Turkey and the Arab League?

However, the story that I think is without parallel in history, outside of the “times of legends” when gods and mortals walked the earth together, is the tale Muammar AL-Gaddafi and his boys.  In the beginning of the revolution, all of the Gaddafi clan stood firm, vowing to fight until the last drop of their blood was shed.  But as time progressed, it seemed that less and less of their blood was needed to satisfy their honor.  One at time the boys, surrendered or crossed the border to flee the approaching rebel armies until only the head of the clan and his heir apparent were left alive and roaming around Libya.  Rumors flew like drunken butterflies, but no one knew for sure where Gaddafi or Saif al-Islam were.  Then, as we all know, Gaddafi was captured hiding in a culvert and afterwards executed on his way to some prison.  The final chapter began this week when the last of the Gaddafi clan was captured dressed as a desert tribesman.
The details of Saif al-Islam’s capture were rather sketchy; but now we learn of another detail.  Saif”s captors apparently recognized him immediately (they probably already knew he was in one of the two vehicles), but still they asked each of the men to identify themselves.  According to reports Saif responded with: “I am “Abdelsalam” (a name that means “servant of peace”), the camel driver.”  Wow! How far the mighty have fallen from heir apparent, king of the palace and overall strong man to a simple desert Arab herding his camels.

The story does not end there; Saif was taken, not to Tripoli or even Benghazi, but to Zintan.  Some observers think that means the central government does not control all areas of the country and that Zintan is the headquarters of some of the tribes.  The implication is that they intent to hold on to Saif as long as it suits their purposes. And that suits Saif al-Islam’s purposes also.  He is no longer a camel man, but once again the son of Muammar Gaddafi.  He is Saif al-Islam, he fought bravely and honorably against the crusader invaders – and now he is safe in the hands of his fellow tribesmen and friends.  You have to be kidding!  See what I mean Joe, this stuff is really interesting and worth taking two or three minutes from your busy day. Where else are you going to find such tales of adventure, intrigue and romance?

In a new video posted on Facebook on Sunday, Seif al-Islam Qaddafi said he was in Zintan among his “brothers” and his “people” and that he was facing “no problems.” “We are here among our friends and we’ll get medical treatment here in Zintan. We are here with our brothers and our people. There are no problems. We are consulting and talking and discussing, and we are talking about a lot of things,” Seif al-Islam said in the video posted on Facebook by the Zintan Media Centre.  “After we left Bani Walid, we were hit by the NATO crusaders. 26 of our guys were martyred. The rest were all wounded,” Seif al-Islam said.  “I was hit too. It happened near Wadi Zamzam about a month ago. The injury I have is from a month ago when we were hit in Wadi ZamZam by the NATO crusader infidels.” Seif al-Islam was captured near the southern town of Obari by NTC fighters from Zintan who brought him on an airplane to their town, where he was being held in an unknown location.  “We have agreed to receive medical treatment that we need here in Zintan,” Seif al-Islam said in the video. The Zintan Media Centre said Muammar Qaddafi’s eldest son gave the statements voluntarily. Al Arabiya, 11-20-11


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