An Iraq confession continued – sort of

Lung blood clot, post-mortem

Lung blood clot, post-mortem

After reading my Iraqi confession blog, a friend of mine asked me what other things I thought we, the average citizens, are ignoring that we ought not ignore.  Or to put it slightly differently, what are the important things in the world that deserve out attention?  It is a very challenging question and one that is not easy to answer.  There are two categories of answers for me, the broad category of things that are important to the world and the specific category of things that are important to an individual alone.  I am going to leave the first category for another day when I have had more time to think about the question and my answer in more depth.

The second category, the personal category, is easier to approach, probably because I am more aware of the core issues in my life; being aware not necessarily mean I have examined them in depth, only I know they are there. I cannot speak for anyone else, I can only relate my own experience and my issue might not be applicable to anyone else.  I have a tendency to project my experience onto others, so it is important for me to remember that these are my issues and not those of anyone else.  No advice or direction to be found here, only my embarrassing struggles.

Here are four that jumped right out at me today as I walked; relationships, personal finance, my health and the future.  In short, everything that causes me any anxiety, sense of uncertainty or fees threatening.   So for example, as anyone knows who is aware of my most recent health issue, for a couple of months I was busy avoiding thinking about it or taking action while my health got progressive worse.   In the end, a friend called a doctor for me and made an appointment, not trusting me to do it on my own – the doctor after a short examination put me in an ambulance and sent me straight to the hospital.  Of course I recognized the symptoms and could reason my way into a partial diagnosis, but instead I choose to think if I was patient and maybe cut back a bit on my exercise it would resolve itself; it would have, just after my funeral all of the symptoms would have been completely gone.

I put relationships into the mix without differentiating, but in truth it is only when there is a serious problem with the relationship that I choose not to think about it.  Much like the blood clots in my lungs, when confronted with a relationship in deterioration (and that can be a business, personal or even a family relationship) I pretend there is nothing to worry about and everything will work out on its own.  My personal finances is much like the relationships, I am fine as long as there is no major problem, but when there is my historical response (I probably should say hysterical instead) is to treat it like a blood clot or a marriage in ruins and ignore the problem.  And finally the future – I rarely if ever in my life have made any detailed plans for the future, not New Year’s resolutions, business plans or a personal budget.  Wow, some of this is embarrassing – but if I don’t think about this problem and confront my propensity not to confront serious issues I am not likely to confront President Bush over Iraq, am I?


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