Hooligans misbehaving – small boys being bad

Lokomotive Leipzig fans before their team’s encounter with Dynamo Schwerin in the FDGB-Pokal in 1990. Wikipedia

Watching professional football, baseball or basketball can be entertaining and exciting; it can also be boring, inane and filled with way too much advertising.  However, it just watching a game – grown men playing a game – it is not any more important than that.  Your team may lose or it may win – but it was just a game.  Yesterday four professional football teams competed to see which two teams of the four will play in the league’s championship game – the Super Bowl.  Two teams won, two teams lost – the winner won the game – meaning they scored more points than the losing team.  The loser lost the game – they scored less points than the winning team.  Points – just a way of determining which team wins the contest – the game; it is not life or death.

The game (any game) is not more important than choosing the next president or the violence in the Middle East; it is not more important than the economy or the debt crisis in Europe; it is not more important the nuclear weapons in Iran or repressive governments in the former Burma.  In fact, the results of that game, or any other game, is not more important than anything – it is just a game.  And yet some people threatened losing players with death, wished death on their families and hoped a player might die in his sleep.  What kind of a value system produces people who think like that?  Hooligans they are called in Europe when they disrupt soccer matches, bad boys they are called when the disrupt the other children’s games on the player ground – either way they are the same thing – childish misbehavers.

Look at the picture above, can you identify the teams, the cities or the tournament or even the sport?  No? That is just how important those games yesterday were – in the rest of the world or in a hundred years it is all non-nonsensical, meaningless, foolish games played for no purpose.  Those games only serve to divert us from our daily drudgery; that is it – entertainment.  If you want to be passionate about something, there are lots of ways in the world to put your passion to work on something worthwhile, something meaningful – football will never be on that list.


1 Response to “Hooligans misbehaving – small boys being bad”

  1. 1 lynne rosner January 24, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    I thought this was interesting, and has another name for a small boy in its title.


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