A conspiracy jumped off the page at me today

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It is no secret that I do not put much stock in conspiracy theories; I do not believe Obama is conspiring with various foreign powers, nefarious American turn-coats or Mexican drug dealers to destroy the United States.  I do not believe George W conspired with big-capital, oil companies or Mexican drug dealers to attack Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran and thereby control the world’s wealth. I don’t think there is a secret organization of Jewish bankers or one of right-wing power-brokers intent on ruling the world by bankrupting the little people.  And I don’t think China, Russia and Iran are conspiring to destroy democracy,  although those last three do have enough common cause to work together on some issues – like Syria. I particularly dislike conspiracy theories about presidents.  Such as the one whereby President Roosevelt knew the Japanese (some even allege he was working with the Japanese) were going to attack Pearl Harbor and kept the knowledge secret so he could declare war on Germany and Japan.  Strangely, I never heard of a conspiracy between Truman and Germany or Japan whereby Truman would authorize the firebombing of Germany and the Atomic bomb in Japan.  Even if it is naive, I prefer to think of the office of the presidency as being above all of that, believing the president is always doing his best to protect the country – however inadequate his best might be.  The president is just too important, we need the office-holder to behave with integrity and to act in our best interests as he understands those interests.

However, now having said that, I believe I have discovered a conspiracy; it is a conspiracy to corrupt the election process.  I got the idea today reading an editorial in the Reno Gazette-Journal – the Journal has always been a left-leaning, pro-labor and Democratic Party supporting publication.  In the editorial the newspaper indorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican candidacy for the presidency; the argument was simple, he is the most reasonable of the candidates, the most practical and the most experienced in both government and business.  Now mind you, in the last presidential election, the paper did endorse a candidate – for the presidency, not prior to the convention; their endorsement went to the Democratic candidate.  But when, months before the Republican  convention, the paper picks a candidate  it makes me wonder.  Are they picking the one best suited to be president, best suited to represent the broad ideals of the Republican Party? Or are they picking the person they believe their Democratic candidate, President Obama, could defeat most easily?  See the conspiracy – it looks like political manipulation and not political commentary, or responsible political journalism to me.

The second story that contributed to my thinking was also an endorsement of Romney as a candidate – this one from the Donald.  First of all, who cares what Trump thinks or who he supports?  What does Trump hope to gain – he is always playing is own fiddle and trying to monetize every opportunity – by endorsing Romney?  Does he think his endorsement will help Romney?  Does he think when he, the very personification of conspicuous consumption, endorses a candidate struggling to demonstrate he understands the common man and can in fact represent a broad cross-section of the electorate – he might help tip the scales against the very candidate he endorsed?  Oh, and maybe in the process opening the door for a reentry into the campaign for the bad-hair, overly rich and very ego-centric Donald Trump?  I hate conspiracies, but sometimes they just jump off the page all by themselves – don’t they?


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