Leaky Julian has a new job – in Russia

Julian Assange, Australian journalist, WikiLeaks founder – Wikipedia

In 2010, Julian Assange became the darling of left-leaning liberals around the world by giving the average person a glimpse into the workings of governments.  He was the king of leak – finding, by whatever means, as much classified documentation as he could; he liked emails, secret reports and diplomatic correspondence of Americans, but he was an equal opportunity exposer – any country was far game it seemed.  If a person, in whatever capacity, came across documents of his government or another country’s government and sent them to Herr Assange, they would be released to world media.  Monsieur Assange and his leaking wiki embarrassed a great many political leaders, exposed the under belly of diplomacy – for example, candidate evaluations of host country’s political leaders by members the diplomatic corp and some of the same kind of secret agreements between nations that lead to WWI – and let anyone interested to see the true identities of people working undercover all around the world.

Needless to say, Assange San became extremely unpopular with established heads of state around the world – but the media loved him, through him they gained information they could never have discovered on their own.  He also became a folk hero to the dissidents in every country – he was the universal everyman, working to expose and topple all of the corrupt governments of the world.   For the man in the street or the square, for the squatter and occupier what was there not to like – clearly Julian was a hero, standing high above all others.  Okay, maybe there are some feminists that don’t think a rapist is exactly heroic material; but as any good conspiracy theorist would point out those charges are false. Mister Assange and his supporters say they whole thing is false, no basis in fact and in fact is a sinister plot by the Americans to get their hands on him so he can be tried for high crimes against the United States and endangering American security.  Who knows Sadiq Assange might be sent to Abu Ghraib by the evil American capitalist and their puppets in Washington.

Well, there was a break in the story today, not from Australia, Sweden, the United Kingdom or even the United States – nope from Russia.  It is being reported in some international media outlets that Senor Assange is going to become Comrade Assange when he begins his talk show in Russia.  The station hiring him is a traditional, conservative (and in Russia that means with a fondness of the good old days of communism and the Soviet Socialist Republic).  Okay, I admit it, I have another conspiracy theory, conservative Russia forces have been funding, supporting and trying to protect Denizen Universial  Assange – he may not have directly worked for them, but he has served their needs very nicely.  Congratulations Julian on your new job!


1 Response to “Leaky Julian has a new job – in Russia”

  1. 1 NancY Pfaff February 4, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    Now that’s a story plot I would never have conceived!

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