Standing trial in Norway – self defense

Anders Behring Breivik. 16 April 2012
Anders Behring Breivik showed no emotion as details of the killings were read out in court, BBC News, 4-16-12

This subject is beginning to wear thin for me, but it won’t let me go.  Today, Mr. Breivik appeared in court in Norway.  Before he ever committed any crimes he was preparing for his day in court, his moment in the spotlight.  This is his opportunity to tell the world, or at least the citizens of Norway, the dangers they are facing in the creeping invasion of Islam and foreign cultures into Norway.  Brievik had several controversial statements to make on the first day of the trial.  First he does not recognize the court’s jurisdiction because it is supported by the liberal government that has allowed the invasion of foreign cultures;  he does not recognize the authority of the judges, because one of them is personal friends with a government official and thereby a supporter of the invasion.   He agrees that he did commit the acts as described, but denies to having committed any crime.  He is pleading self defense, defending himself and Norway from the multicultural invasion and from Islam.  According to press reports,  he plans on calling some radical Muslims as witnesses in his defense.  Not because they are friendly to him, but because they will prove the threat that Norway faces.  The court presented detailed evidence of the killings and the sufferings of the wounded and the families of the victims, but Breivik was unmoved.  However, he did cry when the court showed a video Breivik himself had made to show the evils of Islam.  Weeping over the dangers that threaten his beloved and sacred country.

Aren’t people are doing in Germany protecting themselves in a like manner?  If they manage to stop the distribution of the Qur’an, won’t it be an act of self-defense?  Aren’t they simply trying to protect Germany from the invasion of dangerous alien, non-Germanic ideas, multicultural Qur’an reading foreigners?  And for that matter, isn’t that Zimmerman’s defense, wasn’t he using the “stand your ground” law, a lethal force, self defense law to protect himself and his community from the dangerous invasion of men with black skins and hoddies?  Are we not all threatened by an invasion of foreign ideas, religions and ideology?   The three stories don’t really fit into the same frame very well; but because of the sequence of events they are all in the same frame of time.  Together they paint a frightening picture of the real dangers that we all face, bigotry, fear of anything and anyone that is different from us.


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