Performed live on stage in Norway – Breivik the Bastard – the Killer of Norway

Breivik's defense team recently drew criticism for posing in slick photographs that make them look like the latest legal drama on television.

Breivik’s defense team recently drew criticism for posing in slick photographs that make them look like the latest legal drama on television. Der Spiegel, 4-17-12

In most of the world, anyone accused of a crime gets his day in court.   Two sides argue guilt and innocence, at least that is the general way it is done.  The trial in Norway looks like it may add another dimension to that concept – instead of arguing the guilt and innocence the defense seems bent on arguing the pros and cons of Islam, communism and a form of nationalism that resembles that of Adolf Hitler.  The state is trying to conduct its prosecution as prosecutions are usually conducted.  However, the defense is playing another kind of game and thus far the defense has been successful in drawing attention to Breivik’s message and away from the crime.

There must have been other cases in history, where an accused planned the trial in advance of committing the crime; where the would-be-criminal wrote the trial into his play – the play he first wrote and then performed live, not on the stage, but in the streets and court rooms of his world.  Breivik is acting out a role, he has lines to deliver, he is well-rehearsed and prepared for his day in court, just as he was well-prepared for his day of killing.  It makes me wonder just how many years he has been planning, writing and rehearsing his little drama.  The only difference between Breivik and ordinary playwrights lies in the real killings and an actual trial of Breivik and not the fictional ones that playwrights normally create.  The events are real, the people who died were real and they are really dead, but it still a stage play – a farce.

I wonder if the court or the country will manage to rest control out of his hands and to try Breivik for the horrible crimes he committed?  It also makes me wonder how many would-be-killers are watching this farce and planning to create their version of Breivik the Bastard – the Killer of Norway? It is a bit scary – he knows no fear, the state has no power over him – in Norway they cannot even execute him, the maximum sentence is 21 years; an average of less than 4 months for each person he killed.


2 Responses to “Performed live on stage in Norway – Breivik the Bastard – the Killer of Norway”

  1. 1 Bill Hanigan April 18, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    If he is declared insane I presume they can lock him away forever. It’s a shame one of the policemen didn’t shoot him. OMG, did I really say that ?

    • 2 Ken Adams April 19, 2012 at 7:15 am

      you did, i favor cutting off his dick, pulling out all of nails, fingers and toes and then maybe skinning him alive and then letting him go

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