Two No-Hitters back to back – one in San Francisco – one in Cairo

As you have probably heard, Matt Cain, a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants pitched a perfect game yesterday; no hits, no walks, no base runners and of course no runs.  In 128 years no pitcher for the Giants has ever done that before, and only 22 men have pitched a perfect game in the entire history of major league baseball – quite a feat.

But just how important is that game, that feat in the grand scheme of things?  I am confused about that; this morning, the new National Public Radio – you know the one that now broadcasts sports stories, television gossip and the other “human interest” stories that the rest of media covers – that NPR told me about Matt Cain twice an hour this morning for three hours or so.  As a Giant fan, I thought the story is certainly one that merits national attention – that is until I realized that Egypt was turned upside down today and NPR barely mentioned it.

The Egyptian Supreme Court ruled that 30 percent of the members of parliament were elected unconstitutionally.  The court further ruled that the parliament was therefore unconstitutional and is dissolved.  Until another election can be held the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will resume legislative authority for Egypt.   The court also ruled that the last prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq, in the Mubarak government is eligible to run for president and the election will be held as scheduled n in two days.

Since another court sentenced Mubarak to life in prison and he immediately went into a health crisis, I have been sure Mubarak would have the world’s shortest life sentence and be dead within weeks, if not days.  But it seems that instead the democracy in Egypt has died and Mubarak is still alive.   I wonder if his old prime minister is elected president if Mubarak will get a new lease on life, be released from prison and, who knows run for parliament.  The Egyptian Supreme Court also pitched a no-hitter, one that in the big picture, the grand scheme of things is probably more important than what Mr. Cain did yesterday in San Francisco.


1 Response to “Two No-Hitters back to back – one in San Francisco – one in Cairo”

  1. 1 Howard Mcghee June 14, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    I believe the American public is sick and weary of news from the Middle East and NPR and all the agencies know it. New news from there would include peace talks not another bombing or regime shuffling

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