With Joepa and the orange hair – who cares how many died?

Thirty-seven people have died in the heaviest rains in 60 years in China; one hundred and seven people died in a string of bombings, signaling a return of Al-Qaeda as an active force in Iraq; and amidst continued fighting in Damascus and Aleppo the Syrian government has threaten to use chemical weapons against outside force.  The Syrian government has maintained that the rebels are all terrorists and foreigners all along, so it would seem there are not many limits  to its use of chemical weapons.  Ten people were killed in Pakistan by American drones; an explosion in Turkey shut down the pipelines that carry Iraqi oil to the Mediterranean; for the 15th since 2011, an explosion interrupted the supply of oil from Egypt to Israel and Jordan; and the Israeli president, Shimon Peres says that Israel is a state of open war with Iran.

So what are the lead stories across the nation today?  The color of the hair of the killer in Aurora, Colorado and the National Collegiate Athletic Associations sanctions against Penn State University’s football program.  And which stories are getting the most analysis?  The football story –   “Where is Penn State going to store (hide) Joe Paterno’s statute?”  “Where  those poor young men with football scholarships going to play football now?”  Such important issues deserve the bests minds of our times thinking, writing, listening and talking about them, don’t they?  Well, they must because they are certainly getting it.   Of course Joepa is more important the Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Syria and China – and that orange hair – that is real news. And I am worried about being too interested in mass killers and their acts of violence, where are my priorities?

1 Response to “With Joepa and the orange hair – who cares how many died?”

  1. 1 Bill Hanigan July 25, 2012 at 1:05 am

    “Where are those poor young men with football scholarships going to play football now?” Well, hell, they’ll just go elsewhere ! What was Joepa doing all those years when his protege was “indulging” ? And why didn’t the kindly policeman just shoot and put the orange hair “thing” out of his misery ?
    An event like this in Australia, the Port Arthur massacre, prompted the conservative prime minister to call an end to firearms and declared a buyback program. It was not without it’s problems, he had to wear an armoured vest for some months after. It has not eliminated firearms in the criminal community and sporting shooters and farmers can apply for a license.
    Australians find it difficult to understand the NRA and the “right to bear arms” when that evolved in a society that was facing the British and had no standing army. It seems a large call to make the same declaration in society today. I’m not against guns, I used to collect and refurbish old guns when I was a teen. But what reasonable citizen can argue for the right to have military assault weapons ? Maybe I’m missing something.
    Australia accepted the changes after a time. There does’nt seem to be a political willingness in the US to adopt any changes.

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