Syria – formulating a policy

Al Arabiya is still releasing a document a day – or series if they related to a single incident – and broadcasting a half an hour program with a narrator and interpreter, the by-now familiar Dr. Al Rasheed, from the Free Syria movement.  Today’s theme is the killing of a Kurdish nationalist, Mashaal Tammo; the purported leaked document points to an Assad ordered assignation.  Like the incidents in Yemen and other Arab countries, the assignation was intended to put blame on Turkey – long the adversary of a Kurdish state in the region – and redirect people’s attention from Assad to others according to Al Arabiya.  As with all broadcasts the narrator and Dr. Al Rasheed pepper their statements with references to a unified command composed of Iran, Russia and possibly Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is the only entity to react at all; or maybe they reacted, the only references I have seen to Hezbollah’s reaction comes from, you guessed it, Al Arabiya.  According to Al Arabiya, Hezbollah on its own television station denied any involvement and further claims that Al Arabiya and it collaborators have falsified the documents.  And there you have it – a full round of “he said, she said” as reported by he.  It may not mean anything or be related, but beginning today, the Pope’s speeches will also be broadcast in Arabic.  The Pope would like the reassure the regions 12 million Christians that they are not alone and speak directly to the Arab world in its own language.  It would all be very amusing if so many people were not dying, as it is it just another human tragedy – another time when killing each other is the solution to the problem of people killing each.

Oh, again it may not be related to anything, but we have sent an unspecified military group to Jordan to help Jordan defend itself from the situation in Syria; I wonder if Romney will approve or if he will call for more decisive, more military and more powerful action.  At least the election will be over in a month and that debate will stop affecting our foreign policy.  If you thought politics by polling was bad politics, what about policy by debate?

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