Resorts World – Just a Subway Stop Away

The casinos in Ohio are in giving free play a serious test run.  In July, some of the casinos gave away as much as 30 percent of casino “win” in free play.  That is a foretaste of some of bloody marketing battles yet to come  The battles will be fought not just in Ohio, but all around the region.  And the marketing wars are just beginning; over the next few years the competition between casinos in Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia is going to intensify.

Every gimmick and marketing ploy known to man will find its way into the battle some place.  There will be lots and lots of free play, comps and specials on everything in the house – including the odds.  Casinos will be offering the finest entertainment, the biggest name fighters and dozens and dozens of other special events, all of that and more to tempt customers to visit and play in their casino.  For the best of players everything will be free even airfare from China, Europe or the North Pole.  None of that is new, but the intensity of competition is going to put a new spin on it.

However, regardless of their offers or gimmicks, Resorts World, located at Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, New York. has a major advantage over all of the other casinos – location.  As casinos across the landscape fight it out over every gambling dollar, Resorts World has the perfect way to get more customers – a subway stop.  Already the busiest slot machines in the country, Resorts World and Aqueduct is getting some extra help from the City of New York – a 24 hour a day, 365 day a year subway stop.  That puts 10 million people just minutes away from the 5300 slot machines at Aqueduct.

New York City will celebrate the grand opening of the new Aqueduct Raceway subway station in Queens Tuesday. Manhattan-bound A trains will now stop there at all hours of the day and night, making it easier for people to get back and forth to the Resorts World Casino.  The newly built Resorts World SkyBridge will also celebrate its grand opening.  The $15 million station and skybridge will ensure that even more New Yorkers are just minutes, not hours, away from the casino. WABC-TV, 8-13-13

For any casino trying to get gamblers from New York City, that is one of hell of a handicap to overcome.   Resorts World has the largest potential customer base in the United States.  And now it has public transportation from the customer’s doorstep straight to the slot machines.  When the marketing guys at Aqueduct are looking for a tagline what could be better than: “Resorts World – Just a Subway Stop Away!”?






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