Hi, my name is Ken Adams and I write a daily gaming newsletter, the Adams Daily Report. Developing the Daily gives me a unique perspective on the news.  I read all of the major gaming stories every day, sorting through the duplicates, non-stories, misleading headlines and hype that goes with any major story (and often with very minor ones also) to produce a meaningful summary of the day’s gaming news.  I try to bring to my audience the essential stories as they develop, including local, national and international stories, with an emphasis on the trends that affect the gaming industry as a whole. However, that is just the news, articles cut and pasted directly from the reporting media with a link to the original story – without any additional commentary.

It is a valuable service and my readers have expressed their appreciation.  But for me it creates a problem.  As I am reading and watching events develop, especially as they are reported differently from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, I react to them. I react to the headline writing, to the reporting, to the implications to the industry and of course how it might affect my life.  I form opinions and often have a commentary running in my head, but rarely get a chance to express myself, nor do I get the advantage of anyone else’s reaction to my opinion or the story.

This blog is my attempt to remedy that situation.  I am going to post regularly opinion pieces based on my reactions to the  news. That solves the problem of expressing my opinions.  I am hoping that you will read and react to my opinion and the news – and that solves the other problem, getting feedback on my thinking.  But it also solves a much larger problem – one of open debate in the gaming industry.  Between us we can create an open dialogue that can benefit the industry, its stakeholders – employees, managers, owners and stockholders – and even influence lawmakers and regulators who often seem to operate in a vacuum. I look forward to discussing the industry’s issues and challenges with you.

And, once in a while, I post on other subjects such as my family, the Middle East, science and politics.   Like the gaming blogs, those posts are driven by the events as I experience them and use writing to work my way through them.



2 Responses to “About”

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  2. 2 Wayne Schaffel November 17, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    Ken — call me or email me at 917-903-0309 or waynehschaffel@aol.com; I can absolutely explain the industry disconnect with the economy; I wrote about 6 years ago in Casino Enterprise Management and have been trying to prevent the collapse of Atlantic City for more than five years. Thanks.

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